Information and how to measure it

Reading Papers and books, playing radio, watching television, each 1 of you personally (voluntarily or involuntarily) absorbs advice. Within a instinctive, regular feel underneath the advice know that the info, comprehension, anybody who's in in. And also the further information given, the more further info (in the uncharted point of opinion) which they feature.

The commands of the programming language BASIC

To start with, make clear essential regulations for producing apps in simple. At the start of every single point of this app has been still room. In computer system memory that the traces are constantly organized in ascending sequence of amounts. After producing a application in plain to compose precisely the discretionary orders pillar numerous teams list at 1 lineup, dividing them using a colon. In the event you would like some type of computer instantaneously meet the control, cannot remember it, then enter this control without some few.

The concept of auxiliary algorithm Part 2

We remember "RECUR" substitutable for a, b, c numbers 2, 3 and 122 and get the result: x1 and x2. To solve another quadratic equation, it is necessary to substitute a, b, C other numbers.

As you can see, between the subsidiary algorithms "Duties" and "RECUR" there is a significant difference. The team calling the algorithm "REQUER" you must specify the source data values of the coefficients of the quadratic equation you want to solve. In the algorithm of "Duties" not the original data. So nothing except the name in the call command should not be specified.

Cycles in CS

Who among us does not remember an instructive story about how Tom Sawyer's aunt Polly's job was painting the fence: "Sighing, he dipped the brush into the bucket, picked up a Board fence, repeated the operation did it again..." (mark TWAIN. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer).

Let us construct the algorithm for painting the fence. Suppose that we have a paint brush and enough paint. Write, for example, the following sequence of actions:

The concept of algorithm

We all use different algorithms, instructions, rules, recipes, etc. Usually we do it without thinking. For example, opening the door with a key no one's wondering in what order to perform actions. However, to someone (say, younger brother) to teach to open the door, will have to clearly specify the actions themselves, and the order of their execution. For example:

What a computer can do?

People have always sought to facilitate their work. For this they invented a variety of devices, mechanisms and machines that enhance various physical capabilities. But very few mechanisms have helped a person to perform mental work. This can be tolerated for hundreds of years until most people were mainly engaged in physical labor. However, over the past few decades, everything changed. Now nearly half of all workers in developed countries are engaged exclusively in mental work.

How to protect personal data on the Internet Part 1

Tell why our personal information every day are under threat, and share tips on how to protect personal information online.

Many people think that their data criminals are not interested, but experience shows that fame does not affect the willingness of intruders to acquire other people's personal information and to benefit from them. We reviewed the most popular scenarios where your data is at risk and will tell you what to do to keep personal information confidential.